Military-Affiliated Student Leadership Fellowship

The new Military-Affiliated Student Leadership Fellowship is a competitive, cohort-based fellowship designed to build and improve skills among military-affiliated students who take on leadership roles that further strengthen the KU military-affiliated community.

Funding allows fellows to explore worthy leadership experiences and dedicate time to serving the campus community. Fellows will also receive continued mentoring to further develop and enhance their leadership knowledge and skills. With the help of a mentor, students design their own fellowship path that will typically range 1-2 years.

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Supplemental Questions
  1. How long have you been at KU?
  2. What semester do you plan to graduate?
  3. What campus are you on (primarily)?
  4. What is your military affiliation?
  5. If "Other," please explain:
  6. How has your military affiliation set you up to be a successful leader?
  7. Why do you want to be a member of this fellowship program?
  8. Which leadership skills/qualities do you feel most confident about and what areas do you hope to improve upon?
  9. How do you plan to use your role to further strengthen the KU military-affiliated community?
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