Emergency Grant Application

The Emergency Grant Application is for current KU students at the Lawrence/Edwards campuses seeking financial assistance due to an unexpected/unforeseen financial obstacle. Please review more information at help.ku.edu/emergency-funds.

Varies - $1000 or less
Supplemental Questions
  1. The Emergency Grant Application is intended to assist currently enrolled KU Lawrence/Edwards campus students seeking emergency financial assistance due to unanticipated situations that have created an unforeseen financial obstacle. Please note that funds are limited, and we are not able to meet the needs of every student who applies.

    Please be aware that applying does not guarantee that you will receive funding. Awarding of funding is not immediate and can take time – if you have questions or concerns about your application, please contact emergencyaid@ku.edu.

    Please review the eligibility criteria for funding before filling out the application; you can find eligibility criteria listed at: https://help.ku.edu/emergency-funds

    What to expect after submitting this application:

    • Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation message indicating we have received your application.

    • Your application will be reviewed by the Emergency Aid Network, usually within 1 week of submission - however, a high volume of incoming applications can result in a longer review time. You might be contacted by the Emergency Aid Network to discuss your situation further. Submitting an incomplete application, or not providing further information when prompted by the Emergency Grant Application may result in a longer review time.

    • You will be contacted via your KU email from ean@ku.edu about the status of your emergency grant application.
  2. Please provide a detailed explanation that answers the following:

    a. What unexpected/unforeseen circumstances have led you to fill out this application and/or caused you to be in this financial emergency/crisis?

    b. What type of expenses are you needing covered by emergency funding and why? Please list the type of expenses and the amount you are requesting to cover for each expense.
  3. Is your request for emergency aid related/due to the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus?
  4. How much total funding are you requesting to assist with covering the expenses indicated above?
  5. Please share what your action plan is for resolving or improving your situation. In other words, how are you going to manage this expense or situation if something similar happens again in the future? What would be your plan if emergency aid was not available, or if we are not able to help cover your full request?
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