KUEST ONE Scholarship and Acclimation Experience

KUEST ONE is a weeklong engineering acclimation program sponsored by KU’s IHAWKe Diversity and Women’s Engineering Programs. The benefits of KUEST ONE Scholars are:

  • One-year nonrenewable scholarship up to $2,000
  • Moving in early and participate in TRIO Options program
  • Meeting current and new IHAWKe engineering students
  • Learning more about KU, the School of Engineering and their many resources
  • Engaging in fun engineering design, skill-building activities, social and academic events
  • Becoming part of a living learning community with other Engineering students

Supplemental Questions
  1. How have you overcome challenges on your journey to becoming an engineer at KU? (Give specific examples)
  2. What did you learn from those experiences that you believe will contribute to your academic, personal, and professional success?
  3. How have you or how do you hope to work toward the advancement of minorities through education?
  4. How do you imagine your engineering and/or computing degree will help you change the world?
  5. What work are you actively a part of in your community?
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