Undergraduate Research Awards

Undergraduate Research Awards (UGRAs) are $1,000 scholarships provided to undergraduate students pursuing original research or creative projects under the general guidance of a KU faculty member or another approved mentor. Each UGRA proposal must be sponsored by a KU affiliated faculty member or approved mentor who has read and approved the proposal and who agrees to oversee the conduct and completion of the project. For detailed directions about preparing a UGRA application and proposal, see https://ugresearch.ku.edu/student/fund/research-awards.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the title of your proposed project?
  2. Is your proposal for a creative project? Note: creative projects are often from students working in visual art, photography, architecture, theatre, or music and pursuing creative scholarship.
  3. What is your major(s)?
  4. Mentor Name
  5. Mentor Email
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