Ray and Judy Germonprez Stephenson Scholarship

This fund shall be used to provide renewable scholarships for students residing in Stephenson Scholarship Hall at the University of Kansas. Preference shall be given to Stephenson Hall residents who are graduates of Topeka High School and have demonstrated financial need. In the event Stephenson Scholarship Hall ceases to exist, the scholarships will be awarded in the manner detailed above to residents of other KU scholarship halls, maintaining the preference for Topeka High School graduates with need. The recipients of the scholarship shall be determined by an appropriate committee approved by the Chancellor, currently made up of representatives from KU Student Housing and scholarship hall students.

Supplemental Questions
  1. I understand to receive this award that I will need to live in Stephenson Hall for the upcoming academic year.
  2. Living on campus can be a significant life experience. How do you think this will contribute to your success as a student?