Undergraduate Research Awards

Undergraduate Research Awards (UGRAs) are $1,000 scholarships provided to undergraduate students pursuing original research or creative projects under the general guidance of a KU faculty member or another approved mentor. Each UGRA proposal must be sponsored by a KU affiliated faculty member or approved mentor who has read and approved the proposal and who agrees to oversee the conduct and completion of the project. For detailed directions about preparing a UGRA application and proposal, see https://ugresearch.ku.edu/student/fund/research-awards.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the title of your proposed project?
  2. Is your proposal for a creative project? Note: creative projects are often from students working in visual art, photography, architecture, theatre, or music and pursuing creative scholarship.
  3. What is your major(s)?
  4. Mentor Name
  5. Mentor Email
  6. Mentor's Name and Email for Reference
  7. What is your mentor's department?
  8. Public Law 93-380 and its amendments give a student the right of access to letters of recommendation. In order to encourage the authors of letters to write with candor, students can also waive this right to access. All documents that are part of this application will be used only for the purposes of evaluating students' qualifications for the UGRAs.
  9. Optional: Additional Mentor's Name and Email
  10. Optional: What is your additional mentor's department
  11. Have you received an UGRA before?
  12. If so, when?
  13. If you receive an award, may we include your information in a KU News Press Release?
  14. If funded, may we share your proposal?
  15. Upload your proposal as a PDF
  16. Optional: Upload previous work (for students in the arts or architecture)
  17. If you have any plans to present your research or creative project, please list those here.
  18. How did you hear about the Undergraduate Research Awards? Select all that apply.
  19. If "Other," please specify
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