Honors Opportunity Award

These awards, approximately $250-$1,500, provide financial support to Honors Students to take advantage of opportunities for intellectual and academic growth. Study abroad programs, service work, internships (unpaid or with significant financial costs), conferences (out-of-state or international) and off-campus research are examples of such opportunities.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Opportunity
  2. What period are you applying for?
  3. Date of Opportunity (Start)
  4. Date of Opportunity (End)
  5. Location of Opportuinity (Country OR City, State)
  6. Name of Opportunity (Please do not use acronyms.) (Examples: The London Review, Astronautics Science and Technology Conference, Alternative Breaks: People’s City Mission, Intern at Douglas County Health Department)
  7. Provide a brief description of the opportunity and how it enriches your course of study.
  8. Total Anticipated Cost
  9. List of Itemized Costs (with justification when necessary)
  10. # of Honors Courses taken including current enrollment
  11. Describe in a brief paragraph your involvement with the University Honors Program. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a strong level of engagement. 
  12. Is this your first time abroad? (Answering no does not preclude possible funding)
  13. Do you plan to use this activity to satisfy one of your Enhanced Learning Experiences (ELEs) for Honors completion?
  14. Have you participated in this activity previously?
  15. If you are participating for a second time, how will this experience be different?
  16. Are you currently a KU student employee?
  17. Did you receive an Honors Opportunity Award over the past academic year that had to be cancelled due to COVID-19?
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