Emergency Grant Application

THIS APPLICATION IS CURRENTLY CLOSED; the deadline to apply was June 5th, 2020 – late applications will not be accepted at this time.

The Emergency Grant Application is for current KU students at the Lawrence/Edwards campuses seeking financial assistance due to an unexpected financial obstacle. KU Medical Center students should refer to the KUMC financial aid office to inquire about their options.

Supplemental Questions
  1. The Emergency Grant Application is intended to assist current KU Lawrence/Edwards campus students seeking emergency financial assistance due to unanticipated situations that have created an unforeseen financial obstacle. Undergraduate, graduate and international students can apply.

    Please be aware that applying does not guarantee that you will receive funding. Awarding of funding is not immediate and can take time – if you have questions or concerns about your application, please contact emergencyaid@ku.edu.

  2. Is your request for emergency aid related/due to the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus?
  3. Please specify what type of expenses you are needing covered by emergency funding.
  4. How much funding are you requesting to assist with covering the expenses indicated above?
  5. Please upload copies of any official invoices, bills, or quotes outlining the expenses you are needing covered. Documentation should provide as much detail as possible - i.e. your name, due date, specific items/costs associated with your request, etc.

    Documentation should be provided, when possible, from a third party – for example, if you were requesting funding for unexpected medical bills, you would need to upload copies of any medical bills you are needing covered after insurance has been applied. If you were requesting funding for emergency car repairs, you would need to upload a copy of the paid invoice or an estimated quote that the car repair shop provided to you. If you were requesting funding to replace a broken computer, you would need to upload a screenshot of the computer you are needing to purchase that outlines the cost, fees, etc. Unofficial estimates or documents are not generally accepted except in rare cases.

    If you are requesting funding for food, or other items where official/third party documentation cannot be provided, then no documentation is required.

    If you have issues uploading documentation, or need to provide more than 5 documents for your application, please email all documents to emergencyaid@ku.edu.

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